"Rising country singer-songwriter Francesca Brown offers up a playful tribute to treating yourself well with her new track "Brussels Sprouts and Whiskey."   The song, which is exclusively premiering at The Boot today, serves as the second single from the Los Angeles-based talent's upcoming album, set for release this fall. Propelled by whirling pedal steel and Brown's irresistible vocals, the tune is a must-hear for any classic country music fan." - The Boot 

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 "Francesca Brown‘s new single, “Wrong To Right,” in which the twang and steel of old time country coalesce with this native Californian’s voice to paint an authentic soundscape. Her melodic leaps and bounds and gorgeous intonation bring to mind the magical properties of Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris, but just like those predecessors Brown too can be summed up in two words: something different." -American Blues Scene

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"Think Dolly and The Hag. Loretta and Waylon. Maybe you grew up listening to your Mom’s old Joan Baez vinyls? Or maybe, you tired of the commercial sounds of tight jeans and compensating cowboy hats and stopped searching for the perfect radio station long ago." - Grateful Web

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Her slight Eddy Arnold yodel curls around her words, adding fuel to her instinctual Loretta Lynn fire. “I’m throwing this apron to the wind / You can keep my pen and pad / No more ponytails / No more buns,” she sings, tossing up a proverbial middle finger.” - Jason Scott

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Singer-songwriter Francesca Brown has one of those “hurts-so-good” voices, a voice sandwiched betwixt and between Patsy Cline and Linda Ronstadt – twangy, drawling, and oh so deliciously country with a splash of Zumiez-modern tossed in for relish.” - Randy Radic

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I think she could sing anything with the power and feeling she exudes behind that voice of hers. But, for the genre she has chosen, she really knows what she is doing. She captures those little nuances and inflections that made Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline the legends they are.” - Ryan Martin


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