About me...

Singer-songwriter Francesca Brown is a California native, with midwestern roots.  Her sound is a cosmic mash-up that lies somewhere between Emmylou Harris and Loretta Lynn.  

Brown’s early life wasn’t always easy moving between southern California and Illinois.  Much of her youth was spent with her single mother and three other siblings in rural Illinois. Ballet and singing were her outlets early on.  


On weekends she would attend local dive bars with her mother and sing 90’s pop hits via karaoke.  Home life became a serious challenge, watching her mother struggle with abusive relationships and money . From her teen years on, in many ways Francesca raised herself.  Work ethic was important and she jumped in at an early age and kept on with this cycle never slowing down.  After a short stint in NYC, Brown made her way back west.  She settled in Los Angeles where she worked several waitressing jobs and even did some work as a photo double in film and tv.  During her early twenties she found herself regularly escaping the hustle and bustle of the city.   She spent much of her time in Topanga Canyon and nearby beaches indulging Jack Kerouac and listening to folk music. It was during this time when she began writing music, and knew she had found her calling.